The craftsmen of Pennsylvania Dutch Design use a variety of wood species.  Items in the Pennsylvania Dutch Design Collection are available in Northeastern Pine, Oak, Maple, and Cherry, as specified.  Custom pieces can be built in the wood species of your choice.  Each wood is unique and brings different characteristics and charm to the furniture. 


A solid wood readily available throughout the northeastern region of the United States.  Pine has a light grain and takes stains very well, and thus, finishes on pine are beautiful.  Pine is a less dense wood species than the hard woods we offer and therefore extra precautions should be taken if using Pine constructed furniture in high traffic areas. Pine is a very popular and cost effective alternative to more dense woods such as Oak, Cherry, and Maple. It is naturally a very light colored wood, but may darken to a light tan with age.

Available Finishes
Mission Maple, Onyx, Rich Cherry, Rich Tobacco, M.X., Medium, Acres, Boston, Fruitwood, S-14, Seely, Traditional, Michael's, Provincial, S-12, S-2, Washington, Bing Cherry, , Coffee, Harvest


A very dense hard wood, readily abundant within the United States.  Oak has the most predominate grain of any wood we offer, but takes a variety of finishes very well.  Oak has always been a very popular choice for hard wood furniture as its strength provides heirloom quality and it is a lower cost option than Maple or Cherry.

Available Finishes
Onyx, S-2, Fruitwood, M.X., Seely, Acres, Washington, S-14, S-12, Medium, Boston, Provincial, Michael's, Harvest


A Pennsylvania Dutch Design favorite.  Maple is a solid hard wood which can range in color from light to a medium reddish brown.  The grain is light and uniform and can be easily finished in a variety of colors.

Available Finishes
Mission Maple, Coffee, Rich Cherry, Rich Tobacco, Bing Cherry, Onyx, Harvest


Cherry is a very popular high end option.  It is known as the premier wood species choice in furniture creation.  Cherry wood varies from a deep red to a reddish brown and offers a very fine, consistent grain.  Cherry wood will naturally darken over time.  Because Cherry accounts for less than 4% of all commercially available hard wood, it can be the most expensive wood option available.

Available Finishes
Fruitwood, Seely, Acres, Washington, S-14, Boston, Traditional

Reclaimed Wood

Each item in our GREEN collection is handcrafted using the reclaimed, antique barn boards from Lancaster County barns and mills no longer in use. These structures are all over one hundred years old, while many date back over two hundred years. The dense grain of the reclaimed wood makes it more durable than most new lumber.  Due to the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood, no two pieces in the GREEN collection will ever be identical.  The visual richness that characterizes this mature wood, such as nail holes and natural weathering, are the imperfections that we believe make the furniture in this collection perfect. 

Available Finishes

Pine with Maple Top

Solid Slab