Green Philosophy

Our GREEN collection is an opportunity for you to be environmentally conscious while blessing your home with a beautiful and historic piece of handmade furniture.  The GREEN collection is nothing less than heirloom quality. 

Each item in our GREEN collection is handcrafted using the reclaimed, antique barn boards from Lancaster County barns and mills no longer in use.  These structures are all over one hundred years old, while many date back over two hundred years.  The dense grain of the reclaimed wood makes it more durable than most new lumber.  We believe that reinventing this precious wood into handcrafted furniture will bring beauty and history into your home, while also preserving our nation's remaining forests. 

Due to the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood, no two pieces in the GREEN collection will ever be identical.  The visual richness that characterizes this mature wood, such as nail holes and natural weathering, are the imperfections that we believe make the furniture in this collection perfect. 

We always recommend ordering complete sets of furniture from the GREEN collection together to ensure that similar barn wood will be used and will create a more consistent look. 

All items from the GREEN Collection are delivered in a natural clear satin finish that allows the grain to pop.  The finish showcases the warmth and allows natural beauty and character to be the focus. 

A percentage of each sale from our GREEN collection is donated to American Forests®, a non-profit conservation organization.  American Forests® is dedicated to environmental restoration through urban forestry, planting trees, and communicating the benefits of forests.  Please visit their website directly at for more information.